7 Vacation Rental Cleaning Tips

Dirt is the biggest letdown for people, and everyone wants their surroundings to be fresh and clean,especially when they visit any vacation rental to enjoy holidays. Would your guest live in a room with dusty surfaces, stains on the sofa, hair on the pillow, etc.? A vacation rental room requires frequent cleaning to offer the best experience to your guests. You should choose the best holiday home cleaning services to offer a mesmerizing experience during the vacation to your customer. Domestique Life is here to help you to provide holiday homes cleaning in Dubai at a reasonable price. We ensure your room is cleaned, leaving guests to recommend your room to others. In this article, you will get tips on cleaning your vacation rental room and why you should choose a cleaning service.

Cleaning Tips

Make a Checklist

Every time your guests leave, your vacation rental room requires cleaning. Cleaning might become overwhelming, and if you forget a few things at the last moment, your guest’s experience might be bad. Make a checklist to give the best holiday home cleaning services to your vocational rental room. Start with the kitchen – wash and put away dishes, wipe down and organize cabinets, wash the floor, and clean the refrigerator and microwave oven from outside and inside. Move to the bedroom – remove the dust with the help of a vacuum, change the sheets and pillowcases, clean the floor and remove the stains in the carpet, and clean the smug from the window. Pass to the bathroom – scrub the bathtub and faucet, clean the mirror, scrub toilets, and remove hard water strain. Move to a Living room – dust tabletops and electronics, organize the media cabinet, and clean the sofa & chairs.

Or simply contact a cleaning services provider like Domestique Life, and let them complete the things.

Holiday home cleaning

Set a Time Limit

You can’t afford to lose time in a single room as the next renter are ready to visit. It doesn’t mean that you should leave the room dirty and move to another room. Devote precision time to each room and be committed and focused while cleaning. If you don’t have time, Domestique Life will help you as we provide the best holiday home cleaning prices within your budget.

High and Deep Cleaning Chores

Cleaning your vacation rental house might seem boring and intimidating, but you can do it effortlessly with these tricks. Some parts of your rental room are not used much and require cleaning occasionally, and you can rotate the deep cleaning chores to execute the cleaning without being intimidating. First, start cleaning with the top as all the dust will fall downwards. Start cleaning with a corner of your home and walk out of the room while cleaning.


Do the vacuum when dusting the tops of drawers and dressers has been done. However, there is a debate about whether you should vacuum first or wipe down the surface, and we recommend you vacuum the area once the surface has been cleaned.

Carry Your Cleaning Caddy

Carry a cleaning caddy while cleaning the room, as it will help you to save time. Carrying candy keeps all the cleaning products so you can access them easily when you need them. Retrieving the cleaning products again and again, will waste too much time. Invest for good in cleaning candy.

Ice Cubes to Remove Wrinkles

Wrinkled sheets will not perfectly streamline after some use, and if you are also facing this, use some ice cubes and heat. Put the wrinkles sheet in the microwave along with the ice cubes.


In the end, double-check when you are done with finishing. For instance, if stray hair is lying around on the surface, it will be the worst thing that will cause a worsening experience. We suggest you double-check and do the final sweep under the brightening light.

Why Should You Hire a Cleaning Professional?

Outsourcing is a great way to save time and effort; when you get the best holiday home cleaning prices for your rental room, it is a win-win situation. Still, you have to ask yourself how you can clean your home. Many people with smaller properties do the self-clean to cut the cleaning cost, and it becomes difficult with many properties. If you are considering holiday home cleaning services, remember these things.

  • There are so many options, so choose a reputable service provider. Research the service provider’s reviews and recommendations to learn about their service. However, Domestique Life is one of Dubai’s best household service companies. We follow the best practices while working with the clients and ensure quality service.
  • Look for a company with an affordable price range. However, you should take it back while investing in cleaning due to several benefits. At Domestique Life, we provide the best holiday home cleaning prices to fit your budget.
  • All the rental rooms are created differently, so you need a service provider who understands your needs and provides the best service based on the shape and sizes of the properties. At Domestique Life, we ensure the absolute satisfaction of our customers that meet the customers’ satisfaction.

The Bottom Line!

When your guest leaves the room after the vacation, dirt is the biggest issue, such as stains on the sofa, hair on the pillow, surface, etc. Cleaning the dirt is crucial as the next booking is on the way. Domestique Life is the best holiday home cleaning service in Dubai with various services. We have a large team of skilled professionals that ensure complete solutions to all your house cleaning needs. Get the best holiday home cleaning prices at Domestique Life and book our service within minutes.