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A spotless and organized home is the foundation of a happy and healthy lifestyle. However, finding the time and energy to maintain a pristine living space can be challenging in our hectic modern lives. That’s where Domestique Life comes to the rescue! As the leading provider of professional home cleaning services in Dubai, we are dedicated to transforming your living spaces into clean and hygienic places.

If you have a pet then it is important to hire a cleaning company for home deep cleaning. Deep clean helps in many ways like to remove the dirt, prevent bad smell, and bacteria. Deep cleaning is one of the biggest factors to keep a healthy lifestyle and it is more important when you have a newborn, or toddler. 

Our scope of work:

Floor scrubbing

We use industry standard floor scrubbing machine, and high-grade Dubai Municipality approved chemicals to take care of your floor.

Kitchen Steam Cleaning

A greasy and dirty kitchen does not only look bad but also adds to health problems in the long run. We use special technique – Steaming – to degrease your cookware, stove, chimney, and walls. Kitchen Deep Cleaning ensures that there’s no grime left behind that can ruin the look of your perfect home.

Washroom Steam Cleaning

Washroom is the main place where bacteria and germs bathe. The water stains and rust stains can damage the overall look of your washroom. All in all, a dirty washroom is the breeding ground for many diseases. Domestique life Cleaning Services ensures that your washroom sparkles with washroom deep cleaning service. We do steam cleaning of all areas and sanitize it to make sure that all corners are clean and safe.

Balcony Cleaning

We clean all mirrors, windows, doors, and fixtures in the balcony as well.


With the use of advance technology, we make sure to sanitize and sterilize every corner of your home. We use high-grade cleaning chemicals that not only bring shine but add protection from germs and bacteria in your home.

Villa Exterior Cleaning

Not just the inside of your home deserves shine, but also the exterior must look perfect! With advance equipment like jet washer, we make sure to bring out the perfect look of your villa from the inside out.

Areas we cover:

  1. Studio Deep Cleaning
  2. Apartment Deep Cleaning
  3. Villa Deep Cleaning
  4. Office Deep Cleaning
  5. Warehouse Deep Cleaning
  6. Restaurant Deep Cleaning
  7. Post Renovation Villa Cleaning

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