About Domestique Life

Domestique Life strives to be the best Household Service Company in Dubai with a comprehensive variety of services like Home Cleaning, Disinfection & Sanitization, Pest Control, Upholstery Cleaning, Laundry, Home Maintenance, Nanny, and Maids. We offer competitive prices, a large team of expert professionals and skilled customer support operatives that all assure complete solutions to all your household needs.

We make sure the absolute satisfaction of our customers is met by providing services tailored to meet each client needs with a seamless 60-second booking process. Domestique Life prides itself on its united team, whose combined expertise provides confidence of quality & expertise. With our flexible and affordable solutions, we ensure you get back your precious free time.

We follow the best stand of practices when we are working with our clients from management team to skilled labour. Our workers receive certified coaching that allows them to serve our customer’s efficiently and to the highest standard.

Our Values

Domestique Life has four core values that it runs its day-to-day business on which are, Quality, we aim to provide the best quality products to clean your private space which have as little effect on you and our environment. Performance, we pride ourselves on how professional and capable our staff are and their high level of performance day in day out.

Integrity, we are completely honest with our clients about our services and pricing and assure zero hidden costs.

Finally, Confidence, we have complete confidence in our abilities to become one of the most renowned Household Service Companies in Dubai.

Our Mission

We are committed to creating a company that is capable of executing difficult contracts no matter how big or small they may be.

Our mission is to endlessly enhance our quality and safety measures, continuing to lift our employee’s esteem and working environment.

We want to get as close as possible to perfection in all our future projects with our core values at the heart of our daily operations.

We want to always ensure that our cleaning services are delivered at the highest quality and at a reasonable price.

We want to always ensure that our cleaning services are delivered at the highest quality and at a reasonable price.